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So here it is! The first ever production newer Toyota rear long arm Kit. This kit completely changes your whole rear suspension setup other than the Panhard. So, what is all in the kit? It comes with 2 new lower control arms, 1 new upper control arm, lower and upper control arm frame mounts, new upper link mount at the axle, shock relocation kit and coil spring retainers. All arms are approximately 10" longer than factory arms allowing the axle to stay more center in the wheel well when traveling up and down. With that being said, it also keeps the coil springs off the gas tank at full droop and the lowers away from the axle tube when fully articulated. It keeps the links parallel to the ground, to provide better suspension geometry and a very nice ride! Factory lower control are mounts must be completely removed to install them. The factory upper mounts do not need to be removed but you can make the frame look nicer if you wish to do so. Due to the upper being longer, we go to a 3link suspension system. The driver upper link is no longer being used due to the gas tank being in the way, but don’t worry we make the upper link extra beefy to handle the load of 2 links. The upper link has a bend in it to clear a frame crossmember at full bump. What is also in our kit is a shock relocation kit. This kit does multiple things, it converts top and bottom mounts to a standard eyelet style, so everything is double sheer, and you no longer have to worry about bending a stem top or breaking of the bottom post. Our shock relocation kit also pushes the shock as high as it can before going into the body. THIS KIT REQUIRES MAJOR FABRICATION. NOT A BOLT ON KIT. DOES NOT WORK WITH STADARD AFTERMARKET LINKS. Usually kits will Ship 1-4 weeks from order. Call for shock availabiliy and pricing.

Califab 3 Link Long Arm


    So, our kit requires a couple other things that don’t come with the base price of the kit.

    • Longer brake lines
    • High clearance muffler (factory muffler doesn’t clear new upper link)
    • Slider modification (if you have sliders)
    • Custom made 12” or 14” Shocks
  • Welded or Unwelded?

    So our kit comes in 2 different variations.  Welded and unwelded, the welded version is all the links come fully welded/built and all the link brackets come fully assembled and welded. The unwelded kit, everything comes in pieces and will needed to be assembled and welded. The unwelded kit will save you $600 but be prepared to have about 6-8 hours of welding time into building the kit.

  • What shocks to Run?

    You can Run Either a 12" or 14" Shock. All shocks will need to be custom made for the kit for the shortest Collapsible length and proper reservoir hose routing. Our Recommendation is a 12"x 2.5" Bypass shock or Smoothie with a welded eyelet. You can also ditch factory coils and run a 12”x2.0” coil-over. Clearances are tight with a coil-over, make sure installer takes care when installing. Can you run a 14” shock? To answer the question yes…. But here are some issues with a 14” shock. You will have to limit up travel from factory, with a 2.5” Diameter shock you will limit alot unless you cut into the cab. Also at full droop the brake lines gets extremely tight and at full articulation the coil-over gets very close to the lower link. Call Us after the order is placed and we can order you the right shock.

  • Install Time and pricing?

    Installs start at 24 hours. Our shop rate is 120$ an hour, other shop rates may vary. It will be an additional cost to do the following:

    • Modify sliders (approx 2-6 hours) or order our custom 3 link sliders bolt right up without modifying 850$
    • Modify Exhaust
    • Modify Fuel Tank skid plate
    • More charge may occur if running a 14" shock
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